Brand new shiny site (well, the blog part is new)

Well, this blog has had a nice long life–I started it in July of 2012. But my life has come a long way since then, and I think it’s time for me to transfer my posts to the domain I own– That being said, this website will remain up and running, because I have beautiful memories (and a whole lot of my art) here. But from now on I will be posting at, so feel free to go follow me over there! I have primarily posted visual art here, and will continue to post such content on the other site, but will also post updates from my adventures at college and my random other projects. Perhaps even some fictional writing.

Anyway, go check it out!


I Am Starlord

So for this year’s QuestCon (sorta like a ComicCon idea) at my local library, I dressed up as Peter Quill aka Starlord and went dancing through the event (Emerick, the awesome library tech guy, got Hooked on a Feeling playing a second time for me, since I missed some of it the first time through. *grins*). When my siblings and I got home we did an unofficial photo shoot in the basement, and then I threw this together in Photoshop (the grain and washed out color scheme are to give it a vintage/comic book feel).


After getting home from southern Illinois, I decided to go on a photoshoot.

Innocent Charm

Got to do a photoshoot with a lovely little girl from church. =)

Woodland Caravan

My latest piece of 3D artwork. I’ve always had a love for fairy tales and the like, and this piece stems out of that. Twig people, returning home after a day at market.